Bewitched – “The Eight Year Itch Witch”

Bewitched Season 8 DVD

Original Air Date: December 8, 1971
Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick Sargent, Agnes Moorehead
Directed by: Richard Michaels

Synopsis: Endora (Agnes Moorehead) is up to her old tricks when she transforms a cat familiar into a woman (Julie Newmar) to test Darren’s fidelity.  Of course Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) is quick to defend her husband.

Kitty Cameo: In one scene we see Endora sitting on a cloud (held up by pretty obvious wires) reciting a summoning spell.  Into her arms appears Ophelia, a beautiful Siamese cat who is a familiar.  In the next scene Ophelia has been transformed into a beautiful woman (Julie Newmar) sent to the advertising agency to get the job as the Tom Cat Tractor girl and forcing Darren to work with her out of town on his and Samantha’s eighth anniversary of their first date.  Some of the jokes were reworked from the season one episode Ling Ling.

Bewitched - The Eight Year Itch Witch

Final Mewsings: What better actress to play Ophelia than Catwoman herself?

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