The Rummy (1933)

 Ben Blue, Billy Gilbert
Directed by: Del Lord

Synopsis: In this Taxi Boys short, Schmaltz (Billy Gilbert) is fired from the Black and Blue Cab Company and gets a job as a night watchman at a taxidermist’s shop, having mistaken it for something to do with taxi driving.  While in the shop a strange customer (Ben Blue) enters looking to have a dead flea stuffed, the wife of his pet flea Oscar who does several tricks and then goes missing.

Kitty Cameo: While looking for his lost flea, Oscar, the Ben Blue character asks a black cat which he is holding, then looks through the cat’s fur for a moment before setting it down to examine a stuffed monkey.

The Rummy cat

Moments later when Schmaltz orders him down from the counter where he’s standing, Ben Blue knocks over a whole bunch of items and a skull falls over the cat’s head, which of course leads to fearful screaming and running on the part of Schmaltz and bewildered amazement from Blue’s character.

The Rummy cat skull

Final Mewsings: Cats are the go-to ploy in any good scare comedy.

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