The Nitwits (1935)

The Nitwits poster

RKO Radio Pictures
 Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, Betty Grable
Directed by: George Stevens

Synopsis: Johnny (Bert Wheeler) and Newton (Robert Woolsey) run a cigar stand in the lobby of a music publishing company.  Johnny hopes to have his songs discovered and Newton has invented a machine which makes people tell the truth.  When the head song publisher Winfield Lake (Hale Hamilton) is murdered, his secretary and Johnny’s girlfriend Mary (Betty Grable) is arrested.  It’s up to the boys to find the real killer and clear Mary’s name.

Purr Blurs: Johnny and Newton sneak into the publishing building late at night to try to catch the killer.  The police are waiting in the building for the killer as well, and they hear something outside.  It is a pair of black cats knocking over a garbage can.

The Nitwits black cats

After being tossed from the building by the police, Johnny and Newton go to the delivery entrance in the back.  As they walk through the back alley, the two black cats knock over yet another garbage can and one of them darts beneath the boys’ legs, startling them terribly!

The Nitwits black cat

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t typically knock over so many trash cans in one night.

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