Frank and His Dog (1952)

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 Penny, Tabby
Associate Producers: Gordon Weisenborn & John W. Barnes

Synopsis: The riveting tale of a family’s busy Saturday in which everyone in the household is too busy to play with the family dog, Penny.  As a result, Penny seeks entertainment by doing not such nice things.

Featured Feline Having been ignored by every member of the family in turn, Penny decides to chase the neighbor’s cat, Tabby.  The tabby cat clambers into a tree to avoid the dog and sits panting throughout the ordeal.

Frank and His Dog cat

When neighbor Mrs. Brown shows up she is quite irate.  She also seems unable to lift her arms to take Tabby down from the tree, even though the cat is only just slightly above her head.

Frank and His Dog - Tabby

Final Mewsings: The moral of the story: There are no bad pets, only bad owners.

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