The Matchmaker (1958)

The Matchmaker DVD

Paramount Pictures
 Shirley Booth, Paul Ford, Anthony Perkins, Robert Morse
Also Starring: Orangey
Directed by: Joseph Anthony

Synopsis: Thornton Wilder’s play about matchmaker Dolly Levi (Shirley Booth) is brought to life in its originial non-musical version.  Love is in the air as wealthy store-owner Horace Vandergelder (Paul Ford) takes Dolly up on her offer to introduce him to a beautiful young woman in New York City, little realizing Dolly has eyes on him herself.  At the same time Vandergelder’s clerks (Anthony Perkins and Robert Morse) also plan an excursion to the big city in search of adventure.

Cinema Cat: Orangey, one of the most prolific and well-known of all the cat actors on film, appears in this film in the scene in Vandergelder’s office when Dolly is enticing the man to New York with a photo of a prospective flame.  The orange tabby is sitting on a chair in the background throughout the scene and has one close up when Dolly scolds him for messing with her fur stole which she has left on the chair.

The Matchmaker cat

Later, the store clerks Cornelius and Barnaby rig some tomato cans in the store to explode so they can have an evening off.  Fortunately they think to take the cat with them when they hide in some barrels.

The Matchmaker cat

Final Mewsings: Cats may come running when their hear cans opening but they go running when they hear cans exploding.

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