The Secret of NIMH (1982)

The Secret of NIMH artwork

 Elizabeth Hartman, Dom DeLuise, Derek Jacobi
Directed by: Don Bluth

Cat Out of the Bag Alert! This review contains slight spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: The dark and intense story of a field mouse named Mrs. Brisby (voiced by Elizabeth Hartman) who goes to great lengths to save the lives of her family from a farmer’s tractor.  In her quest for assistance, she learns that her husband had a secret connection to the highly intelligent rats living by the farmer’s house.

Bad Kitty: One constant nemesis to Mrs. Brisby and the rats is the farmer’s cat Dragon, a large brute of a feline which prowls the vicinity of the farmhouse and threatens all within his pounce.  In an early scene, Mrs. Brisby meets a feather-brained crow named Jeremy (voiced by Dom Deluise) who explains that he is allergic to cats.  Of course he starts sneezing because Dragon is sneaking up upon them.

The Secret of NIMH cat

The Secret of NIMH cat Dragon

Later it is revealed that the rats have their own special way of dealing with Dragon by drugging his food and Mrs. Brisby takes a part in this towards the end of the movie.

The Secret of NIMH cat and Mrs. Brisby

Final Mewsings: Cats sleep so much it’s hard to know when they’ve been drugged by rats.

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