Three Little Kittens (1949)

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Synopsis: A mother cat raises her three little kittens on a farm.

Reality Star Cats: This educational short was touted as an instructional sound film and distributed by the University of Alabama.  It’s an adorable look at the life of three young tabby kittens who are born in a barn on a small American farm.  The film follows the life of the kittens as they grow and begin to explore the world around them until the time when two of them are old enough to be taken to other homes (or rather businesses) to catch mice.

Three Little Kittens

The cats in this film are simply adorable and this is certainly a wonderful way for any cat lover to spend approximately ten minutes of their time!

Three Little Kittens last kitten

Final Mewsings: This film teaches us that cats are cute. But wait, didn’t we know that already?

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