Echo Mountain (1936)

Warner Bros.
 Fred Lawrence, Rosalind Marquis, Roy Atwell
Directed by: Ralph Staub

Synopsis: A young, handsome tour guide named Johann (Fred Lawrence) leads a group of tourists to the famed Echo Mountain in the Swiss Alps.  After getting caught on the mountain by a rainstorm, the group stops at the Inn of Herr Schmidt (Lee Kohlmar) where Johann shows his affection for the man’s granddaughter, Wilhelmina (Rosalind Marquis) in song.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer) This is one of those wonderful Cinema Cat moments I love where there’s really no reason for a cat to be in this short at all. During the rainstorm, Johann is expressing his love for Wilhelmina when they hear a meow at the window. Johann’s St. Bernard Prince barks to alert them that something is outside and they find the most adorable calico kitten soaked to the skin and bring it inside.

Echo Mountain kitten

Later the kitten is seen sitting alongside Prince when the tour party is called to dinner.

Echo Mountain Prince and kitten

In the end, when the tour party leaves the Inn, Wilhelmina goes along with Johann.  Behind them walks Prince and tucked snugly inside the bag across Prince’s back is the kitten, now wearing a red ribbon.

Echo Mountain kitten in pouch

Final Mewsings: Dogs are even cats best friends in the Alps.

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