Blue Money (1972)

Blue Money poster

Crown International Pictures
 Alain Patrick, Barbara Mills, Inga Maria
Directed by: Alain-Patrick Chappuis

Synopsis: Jim (Alain Patrick) is a successful porn film director with a lovely wife (Barbara Mills), a baby, and a dream boat which he is restoring.  Everything seems to be going Jim’s way, if he can just avoid the pitfalls of his profession and finish the films he’s working on to support the life he dreams of for his family.

Purr Blur: At one point when Jim’s boat is being moved, we see a mama cat carrying one of her kittens across the littered junkyard, trying to get it away from all the noise and confusion.  It’s just a quick shot and likely this was something that was happening in real life while the filmmakers were there shooting the scene.

Blue Money cat

Final Mewsings: Wait until the kittens are safe before you move your boat!

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