Watership Down (1978)

Watership Down DVD

Nepenthe Productions
 John Hurt, Richard Briers, Michael Graham-Cox, Lyn Farleigh
Directed by: Martin Rosen

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: The animated telling of Richard Adams’ epic book about a group of rabbits who follow the predictions of a psychic underling named Fiver (voiced by Richard Briers), fleeing their warren before a development rips up the land.  The story follows their journey to find the new, safe home in Fiver’s vision.

Kitty Cameo: Just before the rabbits reach their safe haven they come across a farmhouse where Hazel (voiced by John Hurt) gets the idea to free a group of female rabbits from their pen to join them since they have no does.  Hazel takes the tiny Pipkin (voiced by Roy Kinnear) with him on his first trip to visit the rabbits and they are stalked by the farmer’s cat, Tab (voiced by Lyn Farleigh.)  Hazel taunts the cat, asking if she can run.

Watership Down

Later when their new warren is being threatened by the vicious rabbits under General Woundwort’s direction, Hazel leads a rescue mission to the farm to free the dog to lead back to the battle.  Hazel is successful in chewing through the dog’s rope, only to find himself caught under the claws of Tab when she pounces on him.

Watership Down - Hazel and Tab

Final Mewsings: It’s never a good idea to taunt a cat, whether you can run or not.

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