Alphabet Antics (1951)

Castle Films

Synopsis: An educational film in which various film clips are shown to demonstrate a word starting with each letter of the alphabet.

Featured Felines: The word for C is cat, of course, but what’s weird is the footage shown is of cats dressed in various outfits. A grey cat seems to be the one who shows up in the most outfits.

Alphabet Antics - grey cat dressed as bride with letter C

Alphabet Antics - grey cat dressed as queen

Alphabet Antics - closer shot of grey cat dressed as bride

Alphabet Antics - grey cat dressed as fairy princess

The narrator explains: “C is for cat, cute little cat, the cutest little kittens ever seen; A cat can wear a funny hat, a cat can dress up like a little queen. There’s Tom cats and Sally cats, pussy cats and alley cats, with silky tails and nice soft paws, there’s even a cat like Santa Claus.”

Alphabet Antics - calico kitten peeking around corner

Alphabet Antics - white Angora cat dressed as Santa Claus

This short film was famously roasted on an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Alphabet Antics - white Persian cat

Final Mewsings: If cats could read and write they would sue the people who dress them in clothes.

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