Hoppity Hare (1964)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Newsreel footage shows a domesticated hare named Hoppity living in a residence in West Mersea, Essex.

Reality Cat: The hare lives with Mrs. Joan Bullin and her tabby cat Bustamante (at least we think that’s what they’re saying) Bullin (or Buster for short). Buster seems to be taking the whole thing in stride, even eating alongside Hoppity. Unfortunately the newsreel footage cuts off suddenly.

Hoppity Hare - tabby cat Buster lying in basket

Hoppity Hare - tabby cat Buster eating food from bowl on floor

Hoppity Hare - tabby cat Buster eating alongside Hoppity Hare on floor

Final Mewsings: Buster probably wonders why he wasn’t raised on toast and marmalade!

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