Cat Show (1948)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Unused and unissued newsreel footage of a cat show at Shepherd’s Bush, London.

Reality Cats: The newsreel begins with a couple of takes of two women, Irene Ashton and Diana Morrison, looking into a basket to find some Siamese kittens.

Cat Show 1948 - Irene Ashton and Diana Morrison looking into basket of Siamese kittens

Cat Show 1948 - little girl looking at Siamese kitten in cage

Cat Show 1948 - Siamese kittens inside cage

Cat Show 1948 - kitten sitting on woman's shoulder

Several shots of the show cats are then seen. What’s interesting about this footage is it gives you an idea of how these segments were shot, with an interesting variety of sounds being made to get the cats to look up for the cameras.

Cat Show 1948 - close up of white Persian cat

Cat Show 1948 - extreme close up of black Persian cat

Cat Show 1948 - close up of gray Persian cat

Cat Show 1948 - close up of Siamese cat

Final Mewsings: Cats must wonder why people make such weird noises when cameras are around.

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