Frantic (1988)

Frantic poster

Warner Bros.
 Harrison Ford, Emmanuelle Seigner
Directed by: Roman Polanski

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Dr. Richard Walker (Harrison Ford) is confused and desperate when his wife mysteriously disappears from their Paris hotel room.

Kitty Cameo: During his long and exasperating search for his wife, Dr. Walker ends up at the apartment of a man named Dede. He waits for an answer to his knock at the door then realized the door is open and looks inside. A gray cat is sitting on the arm of a couch as he enters.

Frantic - gray cat sitting on arm of couch in apartment behind Dr. Walker Harrison Ford

Frantic - gray cat sitting on arm of couch in apartment as Dr. Walker Harrison Ford enters

The cat jumps down and heads for the door but Dr. Walker puts out his foot to keep the cat from going out, closing the door.

Frantic - gray cat heading for door of apartment

After finding a shocking discovery, Dr. Walker leaves the apartment in a hurry and the door slowly opens again, letting the cat out.

Frantic - gray cat walking towards open door of apartment

Later Dr. Walker returns to the building and is sitting in the dark waiting for someone to arrive. The gray cat sits nearby, looking at him.

Frantic - gray cat sitting by stairs in the dark

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t like being shut in.

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