Cat Show 1930’s (1931)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Newsreel footage shows several owners with their prize-winning cats.

Reality Cats: The first cat featured is a champion Blue Persian owned by a woman who explains that her cat loves to play and run about and will give a gentle little bite to attract your attention.

Cat Show 1930's - woman holding Blue Persian cat

A Siamese cat is then presented by another woman. The cat keeps biting at the woman’s hands, which the woman acknowledges by saying, “She’s exceedingly annoyed at the present moment.”

Cat Show 1930's - woman holding Siamese cat

A man then presents a nine-year-old champion white Angora cat.

Cat Show 1930's - man holding white Angora cat

A woman then holds a tabby cat and explains the prizes the cat has won.

Cat Show 1930's - woman holding tabby cat

Next a white shorthair is seen.

Cat Show 1930's - white shorthair cat

Finally the first woman appears again with a long-haired Blue Persian with curly hair who really doesn’t like to be held!

Cat Show 1930's - woman holding curly long haired cat

Final Mewsings: All cats are winners!

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