The Odd Couple II (1998)

The Odd Couple 2 poster

Paramount Pictures
 Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon
Directed by: Howard Deutch

Synopsis: A sequel to the popular Neil Simon comedy finds Oscar Madison (Walter Matthau) and Felix Unger (Jack Lemmon) taking a road trip to attend the wedding of their children that will unite their families as in-laws.

Cat Cattle Call: In the beginning of the film Oscar is seen in his Florida apartment dropping a bag of garbage out the window. He is trying to hit the trash bins below but misses and the bag bursts, spilling garbage all over the ground. Several cats then appear and start to eat from the spilled trash.

The Odd Couple 2 - angry neighbor looking up beside several cats eating spilled garbage

An angry neighbor calls up to Oscar saying that he and his wife are fed up with this happening and that he’s going to file a complaint. He then asks if Oscar is going to clean up the mess. “Absolutely,” Oscar replies casually. “Whatever the cats don’t finish I’ll clean up later.” He pulls his head back and inside and leaves the neighbor to storm away angrily as the cats continue to scrounge. According to the American Humane Association, a safety fence was placed around the area to keep the cat actors safe and food was placed in and around the garbage which was otherwise non-edible.

The Odd Couple 2 - angry neighbor turning away from several cats eating spilled garbage

Final Mewsings: One man’s garbage is another cat’s feast.

Many thanks to Nick Wale for letting us know about the cats in this film!

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