The Standard of Perfection: Show Cats (2006)

The Standard of Perfection - Show Cats DVD

Radio Pictures
Directed by:
 Mark Lewis

Synopsis: A documentary made for PBS about the world of cat shows.  Includes interviews with several cat owners and breeders and follows them to the Cat Fancier Association’s International Show in Houston, Texas.  The featured fanciers include Betsy Gaither, who specializes in Maine Coons, Donna Hinton and her love for Maine Coons, Janelle Lawrence who shows European Burmese cats (named after celebrities!), Teresa Schroeder and her Himalayans, Chris Willingham and her love of Oriental Shorthairs, as well as Gail Bercher’s Orientals and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Isenberg, who show Persians.  Also featured is professional cat photographer Richard “Chanan” Katris.

Reality Star Cats: This is a very entertaining look into the world of cat show enthusiasts and the cats they breed, raise, train and primp for their exciting moments on the judging table.  The whole process is very interesting, and while some might consider showing cats less of a sport and more of a hobby it doesn’t diminish the love of those who choose to compete and the love they show for their cats.

The Standard of Perfection - Show Cats

The cats, of course, steal the show.  Many cats are shown at the homes of the fanciers but the ones who steal the spotlight at the final cat show are Oriental Shorthairs Pixie and Princess Lea, Maine Coon Lottie and Burmese Nicole Kidman.

The Standard of Perfection - Show Cats cat cleaning

Final Mewsings: Most of us could never judge a cat show . . . all of the cats would be winners!

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