The Kingdom (2007)

The Kingdom poster

Universal Pictures
 Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner
Directed by: Peter Berg

Synopsis: A group of government agents travel to Saudi Arabia to investigate a terrorist attack on a U.S. housing compound.

Purr Blur: In one scene one of the agents, Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx) questions a family living at the compound about the attack. The couple’s mother Maddy (Sarah Hunley) is sitting to one side with a cat in her lap as she explains how she hit the deck during the attack because ” . . . the place was goin’ Rambo.” The cat is only seen on screen for a moment. On the DVD commentary track director Peter Berg explained how fifteen minutes after the scene was filmed the cat went completely crazy and attacked Sarah Hunley, inflicting serious scratches on her arms. Berg added that production was almost shut down because of it but the actress continued and got through the shoot, but “That cat didn’t like her!” The cat’s ears are clearly back during this scene, indicating the cat was indeed very unhappy. This particular shot was not monitored by the American Humane Association.

The Kingdom - Maddy Sarah Hunley holding cat on lap in background

Final Mewsings: You don’t want to be near a cat when it goes Rambo.

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