Cat (2014)

Bum Productions
 Michael Gerstein, Krissy Booth
Also Starring:  Lloyd
Directed by: Zach Zweifler

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Daniel (Michael Gerstein) is a down on his luck guy until he meets a special cat named Lloyd.

Featured Feline: Lloyd is an orange tabby cat who Daniel finds in his yard one day.

Cat - orange tabby cat Lloyd in back yard by garbage

Daniel takes an immediate liking to the cat and spends a happy day with him. (Unfortunately the cat actor doesn’t seem as thrilled and is clearly stressed in one scene.)

Cat - Daniel Michael Gerstein with orange tabby cat Lloyd in back yard

Cat - Daniel Michael Gerstein holding up orange tabby cat Lloyd

Cat - Daniel Michael Gerstein holding orange tabby cat Lloyd

The next day Daniel finds a flyer on his door; it’s a Lost Cat poster showing Lloyd, the cat he has found.

Cat - lost cat poster with photo of orange tabby cat Lloyd

Daniel is prepared to keep Lloyd when the owner, Molly (Krissy Booth) shows up.

Cat - Daniel Michael Gerstein with orange tabby cat Lloyd on chair

Feeling sorry for Molly, who is crying about the loss of Lloyd, he brings the cat to her.

Cat - Daniel Michael Gerstein giving orange tabby cat Lloyd back to Molly Krissy Booth

Daniel and Molly end up in a relationship but there’s a little more in this cute short film.

Cat - Daniel Michael Gerstein lying next to orange tabby cat Lloyd

Final Mewsings: What we won’t do for our cats.

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