Making Sausages (1897)

Directed by: George Albert Smith

Synopsis: An early short comedy film using trickery to show how four men make sausages.

Kitty Carnage Warning! Let’s be honest, the humor of this early silent short is very dark, with a tabby cat, a rabbit, a duck and a dog supposedly being ground into sausages. Obviously no such thing is taking place, the animals are simply being placed inside a box at the top. In fact at one point you can see the cat jump back out! But the way they are handling the poor cat is a bit rough, hence the carnage warning.

Making Sausages - tabby cat being held by scruff about to be put into sausage machine

Making Sausages - black cat jumping out of sausage machine

Final Mewsings: Cats wouldn’t eat sausages if they knew what went into them!

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