976-EVIL (1988)

976-EVIL poster

Cinetel Films
 Stephen Geoffreys, Sandy Dennis
Directed by: Robert Englund

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Evil lurks in the phone wires and invades the life of anyone foolish enough to call the number 976-EVIL.

Cat Cattle Call: The cool dude Spike (Patrick O’Bryan) and his nerdy cousin Hoax (Stephen Geoffreys) live with their overbearing and zealously religious Aunt Lucy (Sandy Dennis). Aunt Lucy owns multiple cats who are seen in several scenes, usually when she is berating Hoax.

976-EVIL - cats on chair

976-EVIL - cats walking on back of couch

976-EVIL - cats beside Hoax Stephen Geoffreys on couch

976-EVIL - Aunt Lucy Sandy Dennis pushing cat off couch with Hoax Stephen Geoffreys

Aunt Lucy even answers the door holding a black cat.

976-EVIL - Aunt Lucy Sandy Dennis answering door holding black cat

She also shares her dinner table with the cats. She definitely treats the cats better than she does her nephews.

976-EVIL - Aunt Lucy Sandy Dennis eating dinner with numerous cats eating on table

She sits on the couch watching television, confused as Hoax runs out the door.

976-EVIL - Aunt Lucy Sandy Dennis sitting on couch with several cats

976-EVIL - Aunt Lucy Sandy Dennis sitting on couch with several cats, all looking at door

When Hoax returns Aunt Lucy berates him, threatening to give him the strap. That doesn’t happen. And later when Angela searches the house for Aunt Lucy she finally finds her in the bedroom, surrounded by her beloved cats. Who are eating her.

976-EVIL - cat in window

976-EVIL - cats in bedroom

976-EVIL - cat sitting on bedside stand

976-EVIL - cat lying next to body in bed

976-EVIL - cat lying next to covered body in bed with hand reaching out

976-EVIL - Aunt Lucy being eaten by cats

According to director and horror icon Robert Englund, the cat actors would follow direction, unlike the spiders who would hardly move. Also the dummy of Sandy Dennis was actually filled with tuna fish for the cats to eat.

976-EVIL - tuxedo cat with bloody mouth

Final Mewsings: Usually cats have better taste!

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