Kenner (1968)

Kenner poster

M & M Productions
 Jim Brown, Ricky Cordell
Directed by: Steve Sekely

Synopsis: Roy Kenner (Jim Brown) travels to India to avenge the death of a business partner and strikes up a friendship with a young, fatherless boy named Saji (Ricky Cordell).

Purr Blur: In one scene a gray cat suddenly darts out in front of Roy, Saji and Saji’s mother Anasuya (Madlyn Rhue). A very loud cat screech is dubbed over when the cat is shown.

Kenner - gray cat running across road

Saji reacts with worry, saying, “A cat!” When asked what’s wrong, Saji explains that when a cat crosses your path it means something very bad will happen. The carriage driver nearby confirms, “Yes, sahib, it means a death!”

Kenner - gray cat running across road and boy Saji Ricky Cordell reacts with Kenner Jim Brown animated gif

Final Mewsings: Despite superstitious beliefs, cats don’t run around dealing out death.

Many thanks to Ted Davis for spotting the quick cat in this movie.

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