Skeleton Frolics (1937)

Screen Gems
Directed by:
 Ub Iwerks

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A group of skeletons rise from their graves on a dark and spooky night to play music and dance.

Cartoon Cat: Near the beginning of the short film the skeletons are sneaking through a graveyard when they are scared by a loud screech. It turns out to be a black cat yowling nearby.

Skeleton Frolics - black cat on grave marker

Skeleton Frolics - black cat yowling on grave marker

Skeleton Frolics - skeletons scared black cat yowling on grave marker

The skeletons angrily throw their skulls at the cat, who breaks up into numerous little cats.

Skeleton Frolics - black cat with skulls flying at it

Skeleton Frolics - numerous little black cats on grave marker

The artwork in this short is impressive as are the rich and beautiful colors.

Skeleton Frolics - skeletons throw their skulls at black cat which breaks into smaller black cats

Final Mewsings: The only thing better than a black cat is lots of little black cats!

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