Kicked in the Head (1997)

Kicked in the Head poster

De Fina-Cappa
 Kevin Corrigan, Michael Rapaport
Directed by: Matthew Harrison

Synopsis: Redmond (Kevin Corrigan) is a loser who searches for the meaning of life while dodging crooks and looking for love.

Kitty Cameo: Having no place to live, Redmond shows up at the apartment of his buddy Stretch (Michael Rapaport). At one point Stretch sees a long-haired ginger tabby lying on some throw rugs. He yells at his girlfriend Pearl (Bianca Hunter) to get the cat out of there. As she picks up the cat Stretch goes on to point out it’s the neighbor’s cat and wonders what it is even doing there.

Kicked in the Head - long-haired ginger tabby lying on throw rugs

Kicked in the Head - Pearl Bianca Hunter picking up long-haired ginger tabby

Kicked in the Head - Pearl Bianca Hunter holding long-haired ginger tabby

Later in the film Redmond returns to the apartment to find a crazy party in full swing. A woman (Julissa Carmona Scopino) walks by holding the cat.

Kicked in the Head - girl at party Julissa Carmona Scopino carrying long-haired ginger tabby

Final Mewsings: Cats go where they want.

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