Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune (1972)

B.B. Optics
Directed by:
 Bill Brand

Synopsis: A silent experimental film in which footage of kittens in manipulated to look like zip-a-tone.

Kitty Cameos: The footage of the kittens is manipulated to appear as a series of dots with color motion, freeze frames and negative exposures in the mix.

Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune - kitten next to bowl

Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune - negative kitten next to bowl

Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune - tabby kitten behind dot pattern

It can be hard to make out the kittens, as they usually appear unaltered on the screen for mere seconds at a time.

Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune - tabby kitten

Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune - tabby kitten next to bowl

Warning!  While the video does not contain flashing lights, it does contain some pixelated and pulsing imagery which some may find unsettling.

Zip-Tone-Cat-Tune - white kitten behind dot pattern

Final Mewsings: Kitten footage does not really need manipulating!

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