Tibs (2012)

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Polished Shoe / Telescope
 Priscilla Gray
Also Starring:  Millie
Directed by: Sam Huntley

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A cat hunts for approval from his owner, literally, but takes things a little too far.

Kitty Cameo: Tibs is a beautiful female Bengal tabby cat who is owned by an older woman (Priscilla Gray). On the first day Tibs is shown bringing her owner a dead mouse. The owner lavishes affection on the cat.

Tibs - Bengal tabby cat close looking up

On the second day Tibs brings a dead bird. The owner is taken aback but still showers the cat with love.

Tibs - Bengal tabby cat with woman Priscilla Gray

Tibs - Bengal tabby cat close looking smug

Much of the third day is left up to the imagination of the viewer. Needless to say Tibs takes her hunting seriously.

Tibs - Bengal tabby cat looking up with blood on mouth

The cat wrangler on the film was Jo Hatherton. The original plan was to use a friend’s cat in the shoot but everyone kept warning director Sam Huntley not to use a “normal” cat, so cat actor Millie was hired. Still it wasn’t easy getting the great reaction shots used in the film. As Huntley explained to Wired, “It started out with the trainer using a laser, and a clicker, then quickly descended into people making all sorts of ridiculous noises, lots of clicking of fingers, throwing bits of tuna, etc.”

Tibs - Bengal tabby cat close looking up

Final Mewsings: Even the most professional cat actors can be difficult.

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