Vau-Vau (1964)

English Title: Woof Woof
Zagreb Film
Directed by:
 Boris Kolar

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A dog gets a kick out of scaring smaller animals with its bark, until a cat comes along and offers a real challenge.

Cartoon Cats: This is a very artistic film drawn in a loose and clever style which tells its simple story in a charming way. The dog has scared away several small animals but is surprised when a cat comes back at him.

Vau Vau - black dog looking at pink cat

Vau Vau - pink cat meows angrily

The dogs then brings its puppies only to find the cat has kittens. They try to encourage their youngsters to fight.

Vau Vau - cat and dog with kittens and puppies

Vau Vau - pink cat watching kittens and puppies

As it turns out the young ones are happy to play with each other!

Vau Vau - pink cat watching kittens and puppies

A very charming little film.

Final Mewsings: We can learn a lot from kittens and puppies.

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