Care of Pets (1962)

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Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: An educational film on the care of pets such as birds, fish, cats and dogs.

Featured Feline: In the third segment a girl named Annette wakes up to greet her calico cat named, what else, Calico.

Care of Pets - close up of calico cat

Care of Pets - calico cat outside door

Calico runs downstairs to the sliding glass door and Annette lets her out, presumably to do her business. Apparently caring for your cat doesn’t include cleaning a litter box.

Care of Pets - calico cat running down hall away from girl Annette

Care of Pets - calico cat waiting to be let out of sliding glass door

Annette is then seen chopping up what appears to be raw liver for Calico’s breakfast. Either that or she killed her parents. In any case, the narrator explains that Annette knows just how much Calico will want to eat. But she puts such a tiny amount in the bowl we can’t help but think Calico would have probably liked more. But then it doesn’t look very appetizing, so who knows?

Care of Pets - calico cat eating from bowl

Annette then gives Calico a great big bowl of milk! The narrator says it’s important to make sure your cat has liquids, either water or milk. Fortunately we know better today NOT to give cats milk!

Care of Pets - calico cat drinking milk from bowl

Things get better for Calico at this point, as Annette gives her a good brushing.

Care of Pets - calico cat being brushed by girl

Care of Pets - close up of contented calico cat

She then brings Calico a scratching post.

Care of Pets - calico cat scratching on post

Annette then heads to school but she leaves Calico with a catnip mouse.

Care of Pets - calico cat outside door as girl Annette goes to school

Care of Pets - calico cat playing with catnip mouse

Final Mewsings: Cats would appreciate more imaginative names.

Many thank to A/V Geeks for making this film available to watch!

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