Invisible Revenge (1925)

Bud Fisher Film Corporation
Directed by:
 Charles R. Bowers

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Comic strip characters Mutt and Jeff star in this silent animated short about a scientist who has discovered a way to make living creatures invisible.

Cartoon Cats: After seeing a demonstration of the invisible potion on microscopic bugs, the scientist tells Jeff to bring him a bigger subject, such as a dog or a cat. Jeff spots a cat on the sidewalk hissing at something around the corner.

Invisible Revenge - Jeff sees black cat hissing on sidewalk

Spotting a second cat, Jeff lunges for it, only it turns out to be a toy cat that belongs to a child. A policeman is not happy with Jeff attacking the toy.

Invisible Revenge - Jeff attacks toy cat

Meanwhile, on a rooftop nearby a lady cat spots a male cat on a fence.

Invisible Revenge - female cat with ribbon and heart shape with tail

The two cats meow and woo each other. Things go well until the tom bites the tail of the female cat. Then they start to fight.

Invisible Revenge - female and tom cat on fence

Invisible Revenge - tom cat bites female cat's tail on fence

Invisible Revenge - tom and female cat fighting on fence

Jeff lunges for the cats but they run away. He then calls and meows until the female cat returns and they also woo and then fight.

Invisible Revenge - Jeff meowing to female cat on fence

Invisible Revenge - Jeff and female cat fighting on fence

After being hit by shoes thrown by angry neighbors, they fall to the ground. The female cat licks the back of Jeff’s head and then rubs up against him.

Invisible Revenge - female cat licks back of Jeff's head

Jeff bundles the cat into his coat and heads back to the scientist. A dog then starts to chase them.

Invisible Revenge - dog chasing Jeff and female cat down street

Back at the lab, the scientist makes both the cat and dog invisible. Only their collar and ribbon are visible and the two animals get into a fight.

Invisible Revenge - Jeff and scientist holding dog and cat

Invisible Revenge - scientist dripping invisible formula on cat with ribbon

This cartoon was redrawn in a color version that was syndicated in 1973.

Invisible Revenge - female cat licking the back of Jeff's head in color

Invisible Revenge - female cat licking the back of Jeff's head and rubbing on him in color animated gif

Final Mewsings: Cats can already make themselves disappear whenever they like!

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