Snatched (2017)

Snatched poster

Twentieth Century Fox
 Goldie Hawn, Amy Schumer
Directed by: Jonathan Levine

Synopsis: Emily Middleton (Amy Schumer) finds herself at loose ends with no job, no boyfriend and an unrefundable trip for two to Ecuador, so she convinces her reserved mother Linda (Goldie Hawn) to go with her. Unfortunately the trip goes haywire when they are kidnapped.

Kitty Cameos: Linda owns several cats which are seen in her home. She is first seen feeding a tabby cat in the kitchen.

Snatched - tabby cat watching food being served in bowl

As she gives the tabby another scoop of dry food she tells a gray and white cat named Andrew that he blew it and won’t get extra food. She then approaches the cat to pet him as she talks on the phone.

Snatched - Linda Goldie Hawn with gray and white cat Andrew on table

After she locks her doors she heads upstairs and calls for the two cats to follow her.

Snatched - tabby and gray and white cat Andrew starting up stairs

Later when Emily arrives she sees an orange tabby cat on a nearby table and says, “Hello Phillip.”

Snatched - Emily Amy Schumer and Linda Goldie Hawn with ginger tabby cat Philip on table

Still later Emily is lying on a couch when Linda enters and asks if she’s seen Arthur. Emily points to an orange and white cat sitting in a chair opposite her saying, “He’s right there.” She then asks if he ever moves.

Snatched - orange and white cat Arthur on chair

The cat actors were provided by Sue Chipperton of Check the Gate. The tabby cat who is the first cat to appear is named Turtle and was adopted from the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii where he was living as a feral. Turtle took to acting and landed roles on Hawaii Five-0 and this movie.

Snatched - Linda Goldie Hawn with tabby cat Turtle on kitchen counter

Several cats are also seen incidentally, such as the cats on Linda’s computer (she is reading an article entitled “How to Cheer Up a Depressed Cat”) and some kittens on a t-shirt Emily borrows from her. Emily also sees a photo of a cat in Linda’s old photo album.

Snatched - computer screen with tuxedo cat photo and article how to cheer up a depressed cat

Snatched - silly kitten with mouth open on computer screen

Snatched - photo of black and white kitten in photo album

Snatched - Emily Amy Schumer wearing kitten t-shirt

Final Mewsings: Cats know better than to travel abroad unprepared.

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