River of Grass (1994)

River of Grass poster

Good Machine
 Lisa Bowman, Larry Fessenden
Directed by: Kelly Reichardt

Synopsis: Cozy (Lisa Bowman) is a frustrated housewife who meets a ne’er-do-well named Lee (Larry Fessenden) and ends up on the run with him after they believe they’ve killed a man.

Purr Blurs: As Cozy and Lee break into a man’s backyard swimming pool, a black cat can be seen scurrying away.

River of Grass - black cat running by swimming pool

Also in an old photo of Cozy a cat can be seen sitting on her lap.

River of Grass - photo of girl with cat in lap

Oddly enough some publicity photos show Lee holding a calico kitten but this scene does not actually appear in the film itself.

River of Grass - Cozy Lisa Bowman and Lee Larry Fessenden with calico kitten on car

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t like ending up on the cutting room floor.

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