Meow (1981)

Directed by:
 Marcos Magalhães

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A cat sits on a wall and demands to be fed, but will he conform when exposed to American commercialism?

Cartoon Cat: The cat in question is a gray cat who is fed milk by an entity, meowing every time his bowl is empty.

Meow - gray cat sitting on brick wall

Meow - gray cat being poured milk on brick wall

Meow - gray cat meowing on brick wall

Kitty Carnage Warning!  After going through the milk and continuing to cry, the arm hits the cat over the head with a bottle. This causes another entity to come in and supposedly fight for the protection of the cat.

Meow - gray cat hit with bottle on brick wall

Meow - gray cat sitting on brick wall with fighting going on to one side

The new entity then tries to force the cat to drink soda, which it doesn’t want.

Meow - American arm petting gray cat sitting on brick wall

Meow - American arm pouring soda for gray cat sitting on brick wall

Meow - gray cat sticking out tongue on brick wall

The entity then tries to entice the cat by showing him a sexy ad for soda on the television.

Meow - sexy pink kitten sitting on cushions

This is a very funny political cartoon which is as every bit relevant today as it was when it was made by Brasilian animator Marcos Magalhães in 1981. Watch all the way to the end for some funny twists!

Meow - gray cat being throttled on brick wall

Final Mewsings: Cats are picky to a point.

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