You’re Next! (1940)

You're Next! poster

Columbia Pictures Corporation
 Walter Catlett, Monty Collins, Dudley Dickerson
Directed by: Del Lord

Synopsis: Slocum (Walter Catlett) and Pruitt (Monty Collins) are bumbling detectives looking for a missing banker who end up tangling with, what else, a gorilla.

Kitty Cameo: Slocum and Pruitt try using a dog to track the missing banker and end up handing the leash over to Sam (Dudley Dickerson), the banker’s servant. The dog then spots a white cat.

You're Next! - white cat standing in woods

The dog chases the cat into the basement of a house, pulling poor Sam along with him.

You're Next! - white cat running toward basement window

You're Next! - white cat running into basement with dog chasing and dragging Sam Dudley Dickerson animated gif

Final Mewsings: Cats try to get away from knockabout comedy.

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