Robinson Crusoe (1927)

M. A. Wetherell Productions
 M.A. Wetherell
Directed by: M.A. Wetherell

Synopsis: Based on the novel by Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe (M.A. Wetherell) finds himself shipwrecked on a deserted island and has to learn to survive.

Kitty Cameos: After being shipwrecked, Crusoe spots the ship off shore and is able to retrieve much needed supplies. On a makeshift raft he brings back a dog and two cats.

Robinson Crusoe 1927 - two cats on raft

Robinson Crusoe 1927 - two cats on raft

Robinson Crusoe 1927 - cat on raft

Only one cat is seen again briefly later in the film at Crusoe’s camp. The cat jumps down off a table right before Crusoe serves up a dinner of fish.

Robinson Crusoe 1927 - cat on table

Robinson Crusoe 1927 - cat jumping down off table

Final Mewsings: Cats usually don’t leave *before* the fish is served!

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