Ramblin’ Freak (2017)

Ramblin' Freak poster

Zipper Bros Films
 Cat, Parker Smith
Directed by: Parker Smith

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: After discovering videotape footage of notorious bodybuilder Gregg Valentino in a second-hand video camera, aspiring filmmaker Parker Smith sets out on a road trip with his cat to make a film.

Featured Feline: Parker’s cat, who is only known as Cat, is featured extensively throughout the documentary. Cat is first seen at home with Parker as he contacts Gregg Valentino and plans the road trip.

Ramblin' Freak - Cat on floor with video camera

Ramblin' Freak - Cat on bed with Parker Smith

Ramblin' Freak - Cat playing fetch

Cat then goes along for the trip, spending much of the time in Parker’s car.

Ramblin' Freak - Cat in car with Parker Smith

Ramblin' Freak - Cat in car with Parker Smith approaching from outside

Ramblin' Freak - Cat sleeping on cat tree in car with Parker Smith

It’s clear how close Parker and Cat are, as they share gentle, loving moments throughout the adventure.

Ramblin' Freak - Cat next to Parker Smith with wet hair

Ramblin' Freak - Parker Smith kissing Cat on the head in car

At one point Parker takes Cat out in a harness with a leash which leads to some anxious moments when Parker loses the leash and Cat runs away from him then doubles back towards the camera.

Ramblin' Freak - Cat on leash outside car

Ramblin' Freak - Parker Smith chasing Cat down the street

Ramblin' Freak - Parker Smith carrying Cat back to the car

What on the surface appears to be simply a road trip destined for a kooky encounter with a famous person turns into a very thoughtful and introspective look at Parker’s experience dealing with the devastating illness of his twin sisters who both suffered from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

Ramblin' Freak - Parker Smith and Cat inside car

Kitty Cameos: In one scene a tabby cat appears and approaches the camera, sniffing around it.

Ramblin' Freak - tabby cat approaching video camera

During the film family photos and videos are shown of Parker with his sisters during the progression of their disease. One family photo shows Parker as a young boy with a kitten.

Ramblin' Freak - Parker Smith as boy lying with orange and white kitten

Another shows his sister Samantha with a tabby cat lying in bed with her. This is a very moving documentary which hopefully will shed more light on this terrible genetic disorder.

Ramblin' Freak - photo of tabby cat lying next to Samantha in bed

Final Mewsings: It’s not every cat that would be down for a road trip.

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