Bob – “Mad Dog on 34th Street”


Original Air Date: November 20, 1992
Starring: Bob Newhart, Carlene Watkins
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

Synopsis: Bob (Newhart) is honored when a balloon of Mad Dog is to be included in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade until the balloon gets away the night before.

Featured Feline: As Bob and Kaye (Carlene Watkins) are preparing to leave for New York, Bob is explaining how everything is set up to run in their absence. “The automatic timer will turn on the TV and the lights at night and the cat feeder is set for the right amount of food and water to come out every night. The house will pretty much run itself.” Moments after they walk out the door the television set comes on, then the lights. Then the alarm starts blaring. And finally the cat food dispenser erupts, showering the kitchen floor with dry food. Otto run into the kitchen and starts eating.

Bob - Mad Dog on 34th Street - automatic cat food dispenser erupts and Otto runs out to eat animated gif

Bob - Mad Dog on 34th Street - cat Otto running into kitchen with dry cat food all over

Bob - Mad Dog on 34th Street - cat Otto running into kitchen and eating dry cat food on floor

Final Mewsings: People should go away more often!

Many thanks to Stevie Holcomb for letting us know about Otto in this series!

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