Algiers (1938)

Algiers poster

Walter Wanger Productions
 Charles Boyer, Sigrid Gurie
Directed by: John Cromwell

Synopsis: Notorious thief Pepe Le Moko (Charles Boyer) eludes the Algerian police by hiding himself away in the Casbah.

Purr Blurs: One segment of the film shows footage of the infamous Casbah neighborhood and a cat is seen for a moment running with what appears to be a rat in its mouth.

Algiers - cat running down street with rat in mouth

Algiers - cat running down street with rat in mouth

Later when the police are closing in on Pepe, a cat runs through the street as seen from above.

Algiers - cat seen running down street from above

Final Mewsings: Cats are at home in the Casbah.

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