Spider (2002)

Spider poster

Odeon Films
 Ralph Fiennes, Miranda Richardson
Directed by: David Cronenberg

Synopsis: A mentally ill man whose nickname is Spider (Ralph Fiennes) relives moments of his childhood as he tries to settle into a halfway house.

Kitty Cameos: In one flashback Spider sees his father, Bill Cleg (Gabriel Byrne), visiting the home of a local prostitute named Yvonne (Miranda Richardson) to fix her plumbing. Yvonne’s roommate warns him not to step on the cats. Yvonne is seen standing next to an orange tabby which jumps down off a table.

Spider - rear end of orange tabby cat jumping off table

Beside Yvonne is a gray and white cat which she pets.

Spider - gray and white cat sitting beside table

Yvonne picks up the gray and white cat and holds it as she talks to Bill.

Spider - Yvonne Miranda Richardson picking up gray and white cat

Spider - Yvonne Miranda Richardson holding gray and white cat with Bill Gabriel Byrne

Spider - Yvonne Miranda Richardson holding gray and white cat

Final Mewsings: Cats appreciate it when plumbers don’t step on them.

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