Toto le héros (1991)

Toto the Hero poster

English Title: Toto the Hero
Iblis Films
 Michel Bouquet, Thomas Godet
Directed by: Jaco Van Dormael

Synopsis: Thomas (Michel Bouquet) is an old man bitter about his life which he feels was stolen by Alfred (Peter Böhlke), the neighbor boy who was born on the same day.

Purr Blur: Near the beginning of the film Thomas is remembering his life as a very young boy. In one scene he is observing that if you pull a cat’s tail it will scream as he is seen pulling on a cat’s tail. It does not appear that the boy is actually pulling very hard on the cat’s tail.

Toto the Hero - little boy pulling on tabby cat's tail

Toto the Hero - little boy pulling on tabby cat's tail

Kitty Carnage Warning!  Another observation during this sequence shows a dead cat which has been hit by a car (presumably the family’s cat whose tail was pulled). We’ll spare you the screen grab but it is quite graphic.

Purr Blur:  Late in the movie when Thomas is heading to Alfred’s smaller house a tuxedo cat can just barely be seen walking behind a white fence.

Toto the Hero - tuxedo cat walking behind fence in distance

Final Mewsings: Cats would rather have their tails pulled than get hit by cars (but would actually prefer neither!)

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