Bob – “P.C. or Not P.C.”


Original Air Date: October 30, 1992
Starring: Bob Newhart, Carlene Watkins
Directed by: Michael Zinberg

Synopsis: Bob’s daughter Trisha (Cynthia Stevenson) starts working as a colorist and takes exception to the way females are depicted in the Mad Dog comics.

Featured Feline: Otto returns for another one of his classic moments in the show’s opening segment. Bob (Bob Newhart) is sitting on the couch in front of the television. He calls out, “The game’s on! They’re about to kick off!” After a moment he adds, “You’d better get in here. You’re going to miss it!” Otto then runs down the stairs and jumps over the back of the couch to join Bob.

Bob - P.C. or Not P.C. - cat Otto runs down stairs on jumps onto couch with Bob Newhart animated gif

Bob - P.C. or Not P.C. - cat Otto on couch with Bob Newhart

As Bob pets Otto he sighs, “God, I wish I had a son.”

Bob - P.C. or Not P.C. - cat Otto on couch with Bob Newhart

Final Mewsings: Cats hate missing the opening kickoff.

Many thanks to Stevie Holcomb for letting us know about Otto in this series!

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