Danger Man – “The Gallows Tree”

Danger Man Season One DVD

Original Air Date: February 19, 1961
Starring: Patrick McGoohan, Wendy Craig
Directed by: Michael Truman

Synopsis: John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) finds himself looking for a man who was supposed to have died a decade earlier.

Purr Blur:  Drake is staying at an inn in Scotland where he is searching for the suspect. Suddenly a rock with a note around it crashes through his window. When he looks out the window, all he sees is a cat sitting on a windowsill in the dark street below. The cat jumps off the sill and walks away.

Danger Man - The Gallows Tree - cat on windowsill on dark street

Danger Man - The Gallows Tree - cat on dark street

Final Mewsings: Who knew cats could throw rocks, let alone write notes?

Many thanks to Ted Davis for letting us know about the cat in this episode.

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