Dennis the Menace – “A Tax on Cats”

Dennis the Menace DVD

Original Air Date: March 31, 1963
Starring: Jay North, Gale Gordon, Irene Tedrow, Billy Booth, Robert John Pittman
Directed by: Charles Barton

Cat Out of the Bag Alert! This review contains spoilers for this episode!

Synopsis: Mrs. Elkin’s cat is bothering Mr. Wilson and he’s determined to invoke a little-known law which states that all cats must be licensed or impounded.  The reason the law isn’t being enforced?  It’s too hard to catch the cats.  So Sgt. Mooney appoints the nosey Mr. Wilson the job of town cat catcher, which he delves into seriously.  But Dennis and his friends go to great lengths to make sure Mr. Wilson’s cat catching days are numbered.

Cat Cattle Call: There are lots of cats in this episode, starting with Mrs. Elkins’ cat Tinkerbell.  Mr. Wilson chucks his slipper at Tinkerbell to scare her off his wall.  Mrs. Elkins is quick to bring the cat over and holds her while she scolds Mr. Wilson, who is unrepentant.

Dennis the Menace - A Tax on Cats

Then there are the many kitties which Mr. Wilson tries to catch, but Dennis and his friends thwart his every effort.  Eventually Mr. Wilson tricks the boys into helping him instead.  The cats which they catch are taken to the pound where it turns out the man in charge there can’t stand cats.  But Mr. Wilson’s plan backfires when Dennis misinterprets his intentions and arranges a surprise for him!

Dennis the Menace - A Tax on Cats

Final Mewsings: Cat catching is not a good career choice.

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