Meow (2017)

Meow short film poster

Shiny Monster
 Eleonore Dendy, Charles Hubbell
Also Starring:  Nala
Directed by: Chris Jopp

Synopsis: A woman named Samantha (Eleonore Dendy) moves into a new apartment that doesn’t allow pets but can’t resist keeping a mysterious stray cat when she suddenly shows up. That’s when creepy things start to happen.

Featured Feline: The adorable tabby cat with white markings shows up suddenly in Samantha’s apartment. Despite not being allowed to have pets, Samantha welcomes the kitty into her new home.

Meow - tabby and white cat on coffee table

Meow - tabby and white cat on couch with Samantha Eleonore Dendy

Strange things begin to happen after this, such as the pizza boy disappearing and leaving only traces of blood behind (some of which is on the cat!)

Meow - tabby and white cat on floor with pizza box and blood

This clever horror short definitely has a streak of dark comedy running through it and a fun plot which keeps you guessing. We certainly won’t give the ending away here! This one is worth searching for.

Meow - Samantha Eleonore Dendy holding tabby and white cat with blood on wall

The cat actor in this short was Nala who was absolutely a scene stealer!

Meow - tabby and white cat on table

Meow - tabby and white cat Nala behind scenes

Meow - tabby and white cat actor Nala with trainer on set

Meow - tabby and white cat actor Nala

Final Mewsings: We like short horror films with claws!

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