Sans Soleil (1983)

Sans Soleil poster

English Title: World Without Sun
Argos Films
Directed by:
 Chris Marker

Synopsis: Unique and striking film footage from various points around the world accompany narration of a woman reading letters from a seasoned traveler.

Kitty Cameos: Filmmaker Chris Marker features shots and stock footage of cats several times in this collection, most of them in Japan. In one segment, people are shown visiting a cat shrine with countless maneki-neko or beckoning cats.

Sans Soleil - maneki-neko beckoning cats at temple

Three different cats are then seen in and around Tokyo, Japan.

Sans Soleil - tabby and white cat on roof of hotel

Sans Soleil - white cat on balcony

Sans Soleil - black Japanese bobtail cat by parked car

As well as several cats filmed from a Japanese television screen.

Sans Soleil - white cats wearing hats on tv screen

Sans Soleil - Japanese woman holding white Angora cat on tv screen

Sans Soleil - black long-haired cat on tv screen

Also in Japan cats are seen on the computer of a digital video and game producer.

Sans Soleil - digitized cat on monitor

Sans Soleil - cat faces on monitors

One street cat is also seen in Africa.

Sans Soleil - light gray and white cat sitting beside building

And finally a tuxedo cat is filmed in the street of a village which has been destroyed during a volcanic eruption in Iceland. The cat turns as a woman is walking towards it and runs in between two buildings.

Sans Soleil - tuxedo cat sitting in road covered with ash

Sans Soleil - tuxedo cat running off road covered with ash

Final Mewsings: Cats are part of life in all corners of the globe.

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