Quicker’n a Wink (1947)

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Pete Smith
Directed by: George Sidney

Synopsis: A Pete Smith Specialty, this short film explores slow motion and strobe filmography with examples including a bubble being burst, a golfer hitting a ball through a telephone book and smoke curls produced by a fan.

Kitty Cameo: Pete Smith explains that he always thought his cat, in lapping its milk, curled the tongue upwards.  But the super slow motion photography shows a black and white tuxedo cat lapping milk with the tongue curled under to draw the milk up into the mouth.

Quicker'n a Wink cat

Quicker'n a Wink cat close

Final Mewsings: It makes sense that a cat would want to eat with the side of their tongue not used for preening.

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