Pickle (2016)

Pickle poster

Oscilloscope Laboratories
 Tom Nicholson, Debbie Nicholson
Directed by: Amy Nicholson

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: The history of the Nicholson’s and their painfully mortal menagarie of rescue animals.

Reality Cats: Among the many animals that the Nicholson’s owned, several cats are mentioned. The first of these are a pair of Siamese cats named Tiny and Sam (short for Samantha).

Pickle - photo of Siamese cats Tiny and Samantha

The health (or lack thereof) of Samantha is what is discussed here, although Samantha ends up living longer than most cats ever do!

Pickle - photo of Siamese cat Samantha

Pickle - photo of Siamese cat Samantha and Debbie Nicholson

Tom then explains the animal he misses the most, besides Pogo the Possum, was Peanut the cat. The strange story of Peanut is also told.

Pickle - photo of orange tabby cat Peanut

Cartoon Cats:  Animations fill out the story where photos and film are not available. An animation of Samantha as an old cat in a rocking chair is shown, as well as one of a cat named Squeaky who had a kink in her neck and met with a tragic fate.

Pickle - cartoon of old cat in rocking chair

Pickle - cartoon of small black cat with crooked neck

Final Mewsings: Pets may come and go but we never forget them.

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