Fin ‘n Catty (1943)

Warner Bros.
Narrated by:
 Robert C. Bruce
Directed by: Chuck Jones

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A goldfish finds himself being chased by a cat who hates water.

Cartoon Cat: The black and white cat in this short is designed like other Looney Tunes cats but appears to be a one-time character with no name. His only desire is to eat the goldfish but he has a morbid fear of water.

Fin 'n Catty - cat looking into bowl at goldfish

Fin 'n Catty - cat dips claw into water of goldfish bowl and freaks out animated gif

Fin 'n Catty - cat eyeing goldfish in bowl

Every time the cat gets wet in this short (and it is many) he runs into the kitchen to grab a paper towel and wipe himself off.

Fin 'n Catty - cat wiping off paw with paper towel

Fin 'n Catty - cat dripping wet and looking sad

Fin 'n Catty - cat wiping off with paper towel again

Fin 'n Catty - cat drumming fingers on edge of goldfish bowl animated gif

The cat tries many different ploys to try to get the fish, including dangling a worm in front of the bowl.

Fin 'n Catty - cat dangling worm in front of goldfish

At one point the cat faints and the fish revives him with a small bucket of water. Of course this leads to another run into the kitchen but the goldfish has placed a sheet of fly paper on the paper towel roll. Hilarity ensues, of course, as the cat struggles with the fly paper.

Fin 'n Catty - cat fainted and goldfish throwing water down on him

Fin 'n Catty - cat with turban of fly paper on head

Catching the fish out of his bowl, the cat wears him down and almost gets a chance to eat him.

Fin 'n Catty - cat with fork and knife looking at goldfish on plate

Fin 'n Catty - cat on plate over fish bowl smiling down at goldfish

Fin 'n Catty - cat about to swallow goldfish

Eventually the goldfish runs into the shower and fills it up and the cat jumps in, not realizing he is completely underwater.

Fin 'n Catty - cat tosses key underwater animated gif

Fin 'n Catty - goldfish points out to cat that he is underwater animated gif

Fin 'n Catty - cat shocked he is underwater with goldfish

As it turns out the cat likes water and the goldfish continues to hate the cat who steals his bowl.

Fin 'n Catty - cat swimming happily in water

Fin 'n Catty - cat sleeping in goldfish bowl

Final Mewsings: Cats are not known to be environmentally conscious about the overuse of paper towels.

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