Kedi (2016)

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Termite Films
 Sari, Duman, Bengü, Aslan Parçasi, Gamsiz, Psikopat, Deniz
Directed by: Ceyda Torun

Synopsis: A charming documentary which follows the lives of various street cats who share their lives with the human citizens of the city of Istanbul.

Reality Cats: It’s not hard to see why this film has won the hearts of cat lovers all over the world. Kedi is Turkish for cat and the film features footage of many of the feral cats who make the streets of Istanbul their home.

Kedi - close up of calico cat

While showing many cats, the film spotlights seven specific cats. Sari, the street hustler is shown working the sidewalk cafes without shame, then reveals one of the main reasons behind her resourcefulness.

Kedi - orange and white cat Sari with food in mouth

Duman is a gentleman who has a charming way of letting a delicatessen proprietor know when he wants to be fed.

Kedi - close up of gray and white cat Duman

Bengü is a lover who just loves to be brushed by the human she is attached to and is a soft contrast to her industrial surroundings.

Kedi - tabby cat Bengü sitting in sun

Aslan Parçasi is a hunter seen patrolling for rats and mice around the waterside restaurant Bosphorus.

Kedi - tuxedo cat Aslan sitting outside restaurant Bosphorus

Gamsiz is a player who chooses who to visit and how to gain entrance when wanted.

Kedi - tuxedo cat Gamsiz walking down street

Psikopat is a psycho kitty who terrorizes her domain, ruling with a firm paw.

Kedi - tuxedo cat Psikopat grabbing with claws

And finally Deniz is a social butterfly who wins hearts in a local organic marketplace.

Kedi - white and brown tabby Deniz sitting in market

Director Ceyda Torun approached this film in a very respectful and fascinating way by following the cats and letting them be themselves. Their personalities shine through loud and clear with no interference from the filmmakers. The sheer technical work this must have involved, i.e. timing when and where the cats would be, getting down to the cats’ level to film without being intimidating or scaring off their subjects, and wading through countless hours of footage to create a flowing narrative, is impressive.

Kedi - close up of light calico cat face

I told director Ceyda Torun at a screening of the film in Los Angeles that I thought this was the best cat movie I’d ever seen. But it’s not only a great movie about cats, it’s also an insightful movie about humanity. An absolute must-see!

Kedi - extreme close up of tabby cat face

Final Mewsings: If you’re looking for a cat movie, this is the one.

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