Snow Cat (1998)

National Film Board of Canada
Narrated by:
 Maureen Stapleton
Directed by: Sheldon Cohen

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A grandmother tells a story about a girl named Elsie who lives alone in the frozen north until the North Wind creates a friend for her in the form of a snow cat.

Cartoon Cat: Snow Cat is a charming tale of a cat made of ice and snow who warms the heart of the young woman who befriends him.

Snow Cat - snow cat stretching

Snow Cat - snow cat smiling

Snow Cat - snow cat rolling on back

Snow Cat and Elsie become inseparable except when Elsie has to go inside her house. The North Wind warns her that she must never let Snow Cat inside her home, no matter what.

Snow Cat - snow cat and Elsie

Snow Cat - snow cat and Elsie side by side

Snow Cat - snow cat outside window with Elsie looking out

Snow Cat - snow cat sad outside window

One night Snow Cat disappears and Elsie goes looking for him. After finding him, they take a magical flight together.

Snow Cat - snow cat and Elsie flying

Kitty Carnage Warning!  Elsie can’t resist letting Snow Cat into her home, which has disastrous consequences. For the rest of the short Snow Cat is a frozen pond but remains a friend to Elsie. It’s heartbreaking and the short doesn’t quite recover from the loss but it’s well worth watching for the first half which any cat lover will appreciate.

Snow Cat - snow cat outside house with Elsie

Snow Cat - snow cat curled with Elsie inside

Final Mewsings: Cats usually like heat.

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