Cat City (2017)

Starring: Jonni Phillips, Isabel Higgins, Aster Pang
Directed by: Victoria Vincent

Synopsis: A cat runs away from home to start life anew in the big city, but living independently has its dark side, too.

Cartoon Cat: This hilarious and dark animated short paints an interesting picture of what might happen when a cat disappears from home for a time. The cat’s owner sadly searches for her lost kitty, not realizing he has moved to the big city, taken an apartment and gotten a job as a hairdresser.

Cat City - poster for lost cat

Cat City - cat cutting hair

Cat City - cat on bed with money

Things start out fine but then the seedier side of the city takes its toll and the cat turns to drink. But even at its darkest the short retains a biting and smart sense of humor.

Cat City - cat drunk in bar

Cat City - close up of cat looking up

Final Mewsings: Cats can make it on their own but often choose not to.

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